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Daily Drill: Rules Don't Rule and Mauna Kea Pushback


Housing: October Surges Reflected in November Slowdown

New home construction was down nearly 20% in November, following October numbers that had builders and construction economists dancing in the streets. It's believed the November doldrums were likely just the inevitable correction that has to follow a good news spike such as was seen in October.

President-Elect's Infrastructure Plan Needs Workers

President-elect Trump's ambitious trillion-dollar plan to overhaul U.S. infrastructure needs two things to succeed: the support of Congress, and the return of tens of thousands of skilled laborers.  

Rules Alone Can't Create Worksite Safety

OSHA's rulebook and schedule of jaw-dropping fines have gone a long way toward tamping down jobsite accident numbers. But all the regulatory policies in the world can't change the simplest of all safety facts: workplace safety rules are not made to be broken.

New Construction Protest Frontline: Hawaii's Mauna Kea

Astronomers have found the perfect summit for their TMT super-telescope, a proposed new observatory that will provide researchers leading-edge data about our galaxy and beyond. Unfortunately, that perfect summit is sacred land to native Hawaiians, who have successfully blocked start of construction so far.  Scientists are already eyeing a second choice location in the Canary Islands.

Report Shows Construction Tech Gaining Foothold. Cautiously.

2016’s Construction Technology Report (published by JBKnowledge, the Mechanical Contractors Association of America, the Construction Financial Management Association, and Texas A&M’s Construction Science Department) has good news and bad news regarding the construction industry’s ongoing adoption of tech. The construction industry still has the lowest IT spending of all industries. On the other hand, a surprising 42% of all surveyed construction firms are dedicating funds to R & D.


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