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Daily Drill: Pipeline Trick and a Virtual Shovel


Construction Stocks Rally over President-Elect's Infrastructure Vow

President-elect Donald Trump reiterated on election night that he will spend $1 trillion over ten years to shore up America's crumbling infrastructure. The likely cooperation of a Republican-controlled congress has buoyed construction industry hopes that the major infrastructural overhaul may actually come to pass. Construction stocks are rising in the immediate wake of Mr. Trump's election. 

Nationwide Permit 12: Every Pipeline's Awkward Little Secret

Gigantic, state-border-spanning pipeline projects like Dakota Access are broached in conversation and break ground within an incredibly short period thereafter. How do they get going so quickly? By using the same regulatory shortcut that brings on the migraines further down the line. Just ask the Army Corps of Engineers. Hint: The sum of the parts is a whole lot of litigation.

Suffolk's Virtual Groundbreak Signals Construction's New Era

Boston-based Suffolk Construction is expanding their corporate HQ. When planning the groundbreaking event for the project, Suffolk sought the help of VR superstars Theia. Suffolk would turn the familiar ceremony on its virtual head as a way of acknowledging construction's new digital epoch. When the shovel struck the dirt, attendees were stunned at what happened next. If the future is happening now, is it still the future?

Californians Surprise Themselves, Approve $9B in School Repair Bonds

California's own governor was against the measure, calling it a gift to developers. The state's voters, though, have spoken. Prop 51's proponents edged out the opposition in a close count, approving billions for renovations and new builds of the state's structurally sagging K-12, charter, and vocational schools, and community colleges. Citadels of Learning should not look like fixers. 

Woman's Dream of an All Female Contracting Company Near at Hand

As a young lady, Zakiyah Reed wondered what it would be like to build her own house from the ground up. Today she is often the only woman on a 65-man construction team. That may be changing one day soon, as her goal is to have her own all-woman residential contracting company. In the mean time, she'll continue to work alongside the guys and soak up the expertise. 


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