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Daily Drill: Pipeline Draws Crackdown, Green on Green


Green Increases Green

Green buildings and offices have admirably small carbon footprints and are marvelous symbols of our new partnership with nature. And speaking of Green, recent studies have also shown that environmentally conscious work spaces also boost productivity and have a positive effect on a business's bottom line. The office layout,  noise reduction, a little ambient daylight, and some living nature scattered around the place––these factors make a huge difference in worker demeanor. One well-known and fairly gigantic construction concern cut sick days by 2/3 and saved ~ $30,000 in 2015 in one of their UK offices.  Happy, healthy workers produce. 

D.C. United Stadium Reaches Accord with Neighbors

Businesses and other interests in the regions adjacent to the new stadium in Washington D.C. had threatened to sue the developers, they were so so upset with the proposed design of the sports complex. While they complained that the prison-like appearance of the enormous stadium would negatively impact the area and their business incomes, the developer opined that the surrounding businesses were simply holding out for a better concession deal. Now they've settled their design differences––for the time. 4th and goal.

Man Falls 50 Feet Down 24" Construction Hole 

A man delivering rebar to a Beverly Hills jobsite stepped on a plywood covering and dropped 50 feet straight down a hole barely large enough to accommodate him, landing on his feet at the bottom. His unlikely rescue came in the form of a hook and ladder from the fire dept. Note to self: walk around plywood lying on the ground.

Dakota Pipeline Scene Heats Up as Police Move In

A federal court's decision to allow the Dakota Access pipeline construction to continue has not slowed the protest movement over the disputed project. Police in riot gear cracked down on protestors earlier today, arresting 141. It's not clear how the $3.7B pipeline project, which will span four states when completed, is to proceed. The regions's Standing Rock Sioux tribe claims ownership of the land through a 19th century treaty with the government, and further claims the land to be sacred. Two immoveable objects. Can this end well?

Safety Issues in Persian Gulf Region Tied to Language Barrier

The University of Texas initiated a study of 519 accidents on construction sites in the fast-growing Middle East. They found that the international makeup of the teams in that region leads to communication gaps that put the workers at risk. The area's weak regulatory framework isn't helping, either.I said, "Hand. Me. My. Harness!"


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