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Daily Drill: Nuclear Fallout? Squid Attack? Construction Takes Many Forms...


Artwork courtesy koryogroup

Survive the Apocalypse in High Style

Can your humble home withstand a 5-Megaton blast? No? Then you’ve got some homework to do. This selection of homes features several design types which all have one thing in common; Pessimism. From sealed underground bunkers to rustic cabins with fortified steel doors, these little getaways are sure to keep you warm and cozy in the coming extinction event; homes that take the angst out of the End of Mankind. Put up your feet and have a drink. Make mine a double.

Secretive North Korea Loudly Imagines Its Own Future

A North Korean architect has produced a series of vivid illustrations depicting the future of Pyongyang, North Korea, as he sees it. The oil paintings look like 1950s-era advertisements for Tomorrowland. If nothing else, the images remind us of the so-called Hermit Kingdom’s poignant isolation from a world whose actual Today has in some ways already surpassed Pyongyang’s imagined Tomorrow. Take me back to the future.

Pellegrino in Northern Italy Seeks Wild Architectural Reboot

Four of the most prestigious design firms in the world are vying for the privilege of remaking the historic Pellegrino factory. The submitted designs are gorgeous and water-based––the celebrated firms clearly eager to stamp the beloved brand with their vision. Located in San Pellegrino Terme, the beverage company dates to 1899, and is considered by Italy a national treasure. No pressure, as they say in the carbonated drink business.  I will have just a bit of the bubbly.

Dutch Meditation Pavilion Generates Its Own Surrounding Mist Cloud

An award winning structure in Holland, part of a private residence, draws water in from the properties’ pond and redistributes the moisture as a calming mist that adds to the atmosphere of tranquility and inner peace. Presumably the machinery that works this magic operates in an otherworldly whisper, and not a soul-rattling roar. Ssshhhh!

Underwater Mortgage! This Company Will Build You a House on the Ocean Floor. For Real.

U.S. Submarine Structures has staked out its market, and it is beneath the waves. These modular homes are built at surface pressure so no decompression chamber is required to exit or enter. Glass half empty: should your visiting guests from the mainland absent-mindedly open a window you’ve got problems. What say we tour the garden...never mind.


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