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Daily Drill: Minimalist Magic and a Yellow Hazmat Robot


photo courtesy defringe.com

Minimalist House Maximizes Tiny Footprint

Homes that follow this thematic template may be the answer to the coming population boom. Lots of light and interior roaming space in a teeny tiny footprint. This concrete and wood home is neatly shoehorned in between two larger houses, but opens up on the inside like you won't believe.  Okay. But where's the door?

Volvo Unveils New Line of NextGen Construction Equipment

Electric quarrying, a hybrid wheel loader and electromobility; Volvo CE is determined to innovate construction's next phase of energy efficiency. The company's Xploration Forum is Volvo's annual showpiece rollout of What's Next in their heavy equipment line, and this year they are saying things like "...a world without machine breakdowns, where machines predict and plan their own maintenance..." High-tech, low-carbon-emitting progress marches on. Throw me the keys.

Timber vs Steel: That's an Actual Contest?

We're not talking two-by-fours here. Like everything else these days in construction, wood is being modernized and leveraged to "disrupt" the industry. Lightweight, strong, and unexpectedly resilient, wood is also a natural carbon-capturer. Wood hasn't been in general urban construction use since the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  A celebrated architect makes a compelling case for a comeback. Large urban structures made of wood may be on the horizon. Let's grow! I mean, go!

Dutch Firm Turns Earthquake Rubble into New Housing

A sustainability consultant named Gerard Steijn lamented the waste of materials in post-earthquake disaster zones, rubble that typically ended up dumped into landfills. Now his "Mobile Factory", a portable system that can be transported to nearly any ruined landscape, solves two disaster-related problems at once: debris removal, and housing for the homeless victims. Mercy and technology: a marriage made in heaven.

These 5 Startups Have One Thing in Common: Construction Disaster Prevention

Fault-detecting drones, full-building x-rays, and a hazmat nanny that sits in the middle of the job site like a Martian probe to track familiar and unfamiliar workplace dangers—these innovations come thanks to a handful of hungry young companies that are throwing resources and ingenuity at the issues that threaten our construction workforce. It's hella cool. Show me what the youngsters are up to.


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