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Daily Drill: Lumber Attacks & Chernobyl's Tomb


Familiar Marketing Tool Could Transform Construction Recycling

The London Design Festival this year features a home built entirely from reused materials, and the lowly QR code has much to do with so-called "circular" buildings. The QR (Quick Response) code is a square little pictograph that may appear in the corner of a magazine ad, on product packaging, on a sign in a shop window, even on a billboard. Scan the QR code with a smartphone to be taken immediately to an information-rich website that does all the info-conveying work a sign in a window can't. QR technology is now being looked at as a revolutionary tool for tracking the life cycles of reusable building components. 

Mouse Ears and Light Sabers: Disney Breaks New Ground 

Disney's Hollywood Studios (an entire theme park within the immense Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida) has submitted a "Notice of Commencement" with Orange County. To Star War watchers, this is seismic news. It means shovels are about to actually plow into topsoil, marking the very beginnings of the much anticipated, culturally momentous Star Wars expansion within the park, a massive attraction designed to dovetail with Disney's "one film a year" plan for their Star Wars film franchise.

Penny for Your Thoughts. Copper Competition is Taking Submissions

Copper. It is conductive, malleable, ductile, and can even be jangled in the pocket. The North American Copper in Architecture (NACIA) awards program, which recognizes North American building projects that make innovative use of copper and copper alloys, is now taking submissions, and will be through January 31, 2017. This is your time to shine.

Time-Lapse Entombing of Chernobyl Closes a Chapter

Reactor Number 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear plant exploded one night in 1986, killing 50 workers outright, and an estimated 4,000 more with radiation poisoning in the years that followed. Now a laboriously constructed shell has been placed over the broken reactor, and sealed for what is hoped will be all eternity.  This time-lapse film of the killing reactor being sealed for all time makes a nearly poignant statement. 

U.S. Lumber Group Files Petition to Tax Canadian Wood Imports

A coalition representing U.S. lumber interests has petitioned the U.S. International Trade Commission and Commerce Department. The U.S. coalition is asking the Trade Commission to place duties (also known as import taxes) on incoming Canadian wood, claiming "massive" amounts of imported Canadian product is priced specifically to undercut the U.S. market.


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