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Daily Drill: LAX Icon Explained, Jersey Defrauded


100 Year-Old Designer of LAX Theme Building Tells All 

Following WWII, a young structural engineer named Richard Bradshaw became so entranced by what are called 'thin shells', he took it upon himself to master the brutal geometry required to work the designs into beautiful public buildings. The fruits of that work can be found all over the world, but his most famous project sits square in the middle of LAX; and now he's going to tell you about it.  

President-Elect is Invested in Controversial Dakota Pipeline Parent Company

As revealed by the Financial Disclosure Form he was required to file with the federal government in order to run for office, President-elect Trump has invested up to $1M in the Dakota Access Pipeline's parent company, Energy Transfer Partners. The discovery of Mr. Trump's investment has compelled the Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to implore President Obama to halt the controversial pipeline project prior to Mr. Trump's taking office.  

Cornell Hopes to Heat Campus with Earth's Molten Core

Ithaca, NY can get pretty cold. Conversely, the center of the Earth is pretty darned hot. Leave it to Cornell University to bring the two together in what thermal scientists call a "smarty-pants" initiative . The university is calling the long-term project "Earth Source Heat".  Step one: bore a hole in the Earth's crust till the drill gets warm. When a blankie just won't do. 

Jersey Losing Out Big Time to 'Underground Construction'

Construction companies who deliberately misclassify their workers as contractors are dodging fees and taxes, and are costing the State of New Jersey an estimated $20M a year in lost revenues. And some 35,000 NJ workers may be party to the fraud.  No one is pro-tax until services dry up.

New UK Soccer Stadium to be Built Almost Entirely of Wood

The prize-winning team in a design competition will produce the first all-wood sports stadium in the world. And that's just the beginning of the green rollout. The wood will all come from sustainable sources, the turf will be actual turf, and a nature reserve will grace the so-named Eco Park development of which the stadium is the crown jewel. Wood continues its resurgence as a core building material


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