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Daily Drill: Jobs, Drones, Asphalt.


Construction Employment in October Highest Since 2008

11,000 new jobs and a 3.2% rise in earnings; did someone say construction industry Renaissance? No, they didn't. Hold your horses. But if this trend holds, the construction sector could be singing "Happy Days are Here Again" in no time. Just don't dance on the I-beams, fellas. It's called cautious optimism.

Google Plants First Offshore Flag in Typically Grand Fashion

The UK's sudden Brexit strategy gave a lot of London-based corporations heartburn, as it was feared the hasty departure from the EU would sink England's major financial center. Google, of course, sees this is the perfect time to build out a million square feet of lavish office space near the heavily symbolic King's Cross Station. Google's first corporate campus outside the U.S. is already making headlines. 

Brainy MIT to Throw Itself at... Real Estate?

MIT's new Real Estate Innovation lab will be looking at Big Data, 3D printing and modular construction, among many other things. The famously brainy school will be looking at deep research and advocacy aimed at creating the perfect urban center. And not just on paper.  Oh, yeah. Technology = Construction

Drones, Big Data, Skanska. Safety.

Construction giant Skanska is taking to the air, and to the algorithm, in its determination to achieve workplace safety on its construction sites. Lots of visual and statistical data brought together in a Big Data blender means zeroing in on the problems before they occur. Isn't that what it's all about?

President-Elect's Transportation Choice Good News for Asphalt

As the outgoing and incoming administrations hurriedly swap out their cabinet positions and White House staff, there are bound to be some interesting choices of folks to oversee those important transitions. Martin Whitmer, once a lobbyist for asphalt, is in charge of the transition to the new Transportation cabinet. Tarmac enthusiasts are ecstatic. 


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