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Daily Drill: Intel Outside and Talking Bridges


Iconic Chip Maker Intel Enters the Drone Wars

Intel, practically the father of the desktop microprocessor, now has a drone on the market, one designed specifically for large scale construction projects. They're calling it the Falcon 8+. The chip giant's recent series of moves into hardware may have something to do with the notable decline of the desktop computer; the machine on which the company built its fortune and reputation. As one might expect, the Falcon 8+ is already highly regarded. Intel Outside, and buzzing around the perimeter. 

Construction Startup Brokers Safety Managers and Developers

In the wake of New York City's much-reported shortage of job site safety managers, a startup business hopes to help fill the gap by connecting builders with safety personnel. SafetyCoverage.com, founded by two construction veterans, is a sort of job board for safety experts, and shares their profiles and bonafides. The idea is to allow developers to browse the info when in search of an expert who also fits the project profile. Let's hope this helps with the injury rate.

Turner's D. C. United Soccer Stadium Held Up by Surrounding Developers

Turner construction's long-awaited $300 million soccer stadium for the popular D.C. United soccer team, has hit another speed bump. Developers in the area are protesting the zoning and proposed design of the complex. Stadium spokespersons claim the developers are holding out for better concession and retail agreements. Turner just wants to make it to the GOALLLL!!!

OSHA Fines Contractor for Worker Death

A 47 year-old worker helping to dismantle a highway overpass near Chicago was crushed to death when an overstressed 40-ton beam collapsed. OSHA's proposed penalty of $152,433 is based in part on the fact that OSHA had previously issued the same contractor eight violations over the course of 14 separate inspections since 2004. Unfortunately, sometimes the best dissuader is $.

Infrastructure, Construction's Less Glamorous Underling, Gets it Own Cloud

Washington University engineers want to embed sensors throughout our civil infrastructure. A sufficiently inexpensive sensing solution would mean our roads, bridges and buildings would be peppered with thousands of tiny monitors, constantly collecting and analyzing information. When the data indicates a distant issue that may need keeping an eye on, we'll get a message. From a bridge. Hello? Oh, hang on. "It's for you! It's that bridge again!"


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