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Daily Drill: Honolulu Hiccup, Sky High Dubai


Iowa Winter Doesn't Slow Down Workers. Much.

A short video feature from a regional Iowa newscast charmingly remarks on the rigors of working construction in the cold. The bitter cold of the heartland, that is. In Iowa this time of year, the daily high temperature can be 20°. That's Fahrenheit. The freezing temps do have a helpful practical effect, though. Turns out plummeting temperatures freeze slushy mud, making it easier to move around the site. High five! If we could just move our arms.

Honolulu Rail Project Makes Sudden $1B Jump

A watchdog group in Honolulu, Hawaii, made a stunning discovery while poring over publicly available documentation. A huge rail project in the Aloha state is quietly running a billion dollars over budget. Well, it was a quiet overrun till an organization called, appropriately, Always Investigating, made the budget disaster public. Aloha, public trust.

These are Not Your Father's Cantilevers

A cantilever is an engineering and architectural feature.  Perpendicular to the main structure and anchored at one end only, the resulting visual effect can land somewhere on the spectrum between aesthetically striking and unnerving, depending on the setting. Here are a few clever design examples of how to extract the greatest effect from the feature.

There's No Place Like...Hogwarts?

In a trend they're calling Heritage Conversions, UK developers are taking beautiful old school buildings, convents, mansions, and other grandly outsized structures, and turning them into unique residential complexes. Notable in this group is the former Royal Masonic School for Boys, a 1903 edifice which has been converted into apartments. The residential spread includes a community swimming pool, a gym, a 1,400 square foot dining hall and 10,000 magically floating candles. Well, not that last one, maybe.  If it all looks somewhat familiar to you, possibly it is. The building stood in for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films, and has appeared in nearly 400 other films.  

Crown Prince of Dubai Posts Nosebleed Instagram of Cloud Towers

Imagine that you are royal, wealthy, attractive, and not afraid of heights. Okay...got that? Now take a look at this little selfie episode, somewhere above the clouds of Dubai. The coffee-sipping prince stares meaningfully at the camera in typical selfie-style. In the next scene, the prince is shown crouching at the very edge of a sky-scraping abyss as a second camera pans the surreal metallic peaks of Dubai's mega-towers poking up from a landscape of steam. 


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