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Daily Drill: History Unearthed and Tesla Begins Electric Route


Construction Unearths Relics of Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Workers Conflicted.

A project along Chicago's Lake Shore Drive has unearthed charred bricks and other surprising debris from the famed 19th century Chicago Fire, an enormous conflagration that burned 3 square miles of the city about 150 years ago and has entered the realm of legend. When asked if he was amazed at the road project having found the debris, a Dept. of Transportation worker was philosophical about it. "It slows down the work. We look at it and we say, 'Oh, cool,' and then we say, 'Oh, crap.'" One man's treasure...

Construction Sector Attributes Coming Uptick to Tech Efficiencies

BIM 3D modeling, project management software, and risk-revealing data analytics are cited as "game-changing" contributors to 2017's predicted industry growth. Tools once rumored to be good for the building business are increasingly standard operating procedure. Technology: just another tool that does everything you want it to.

Pipeline Drone Footage Shows Dakota Access Ignored Federal Request

Drone records of the Dakota Access pipeline project clearly show work continuing in the wake of the Federal government's request that the project voluntarily halt construction.  The environmental and other effects of the pipeline on the disputed Lake Oahe area have been a major point of contention, and the government had asked Energy Transfer Partners, the pipeline's owner, to stand down while that issue is resolved. The company opted not to voluntarily stop. Airborne drone cameras fill a variety of construction roles

Completion of Six-Year Road Project has Residents Ecstatic

The small town of Columbia Missouri held a festive party to celebrate the completion of a country road improvement that took six years to wrap. The project they thought would never end is intended to increase traffic flow to the rural community in the event of an emergency services need. The effect mid-construction was that of neighbors unable to cross the street to visit each other. The road to happiness is often paved with delays...

No Longer Just Talk: Tesla Begins Build of Nationwide Car Charger Route

Even as the White House grandly announced its vision of of our electric automotive future, Tesla could be seen picking up its tools and getting to work. Supercharge.info is Tesla's website for tracking the new Tesla Supercharger sites, and its map was updated this week to show construction on the I-80 in Nebraska, which connects Lincoln, Gothenburg, and Ogallala. As Yoda once advised: "No try. Do."


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