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Daily Drill: Hiring Difficulties and Hurricane Matthew


photo courtesy dmitri popov

French Courts Deliver Smashing Forehand to French Open Construction

In a much-anticipated decision, the French courts have delivered another setback to the built expansion of the French Open's Roland Garros Stadium. At issue are sensitive floral species in the adjacent Serres d'Auteuil, a 19th century botanical garden, which would be affected by the large buildout.  40-Love doesn't sound that great in this context.

New Theme Park Puts You in the Heavy Equipment Driver Seat

This is not a virtual experience. Diggerland XL is a New Jersey theme park that lets adults 18 and older get behind the wheel of a construction heavy-hitter and take control.  Whether your taste is in excavators, wheel-loaders or bulldozers, buy a 90-minute or three hour package and, following 1/2 hour of basic training you will be scooping, loading, and otherwise taking control of a big yellow construction machine. Can the recruitment of young people to the construction trade be this simple?  Where's the turn signal on this thing?

Building Owners Leading "Healthy Buildings" Movement

A report called “The Drive Toward Healthier Buildings 2016,” indicates the future of healthier built environments is not being lead by designers and architects, but by building owners.  Increased leasing rates and properties with higher asset values provide a strong incentive to owners, and the trend in healthier buildings is picking up speed as a result.  Right this way to a healthier 9 to 5.

Construction Hiring Difficulties Transcend Pay  

23,000 construction workers were hired in September. That's good. But the monthly hiring average is down to 8,000 a month, versus last year's ~ 25,000 a month. The up-and-down struggle to find qualified construction help is affecting workplace safety, construction inventory and soon the general economy. Public education decisions and the flight of post-recession construction workers are two factors that are often cited or the work shortage these days. Industry watchers are increasingly concerned. Helmet on. Okay, let's check out the jobsite.

An Estimated 1.4 Million Properties in the Path of Hurricane Matthew  

Between Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, officials are estimating a reconstruction value of $287 billion dollars are at risk in the path of Hurricane Matthew. Repairing and rebuilding typically generates economic activity post-natural disasters. In the wake of this event, rebuilding could be a challenge as contractors are grappling with a sever labor shortage. Stay safe while you survey the damage.


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