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Daily Drill: Hard Hat Warmth and Traffic.


Construction Pal Surprised by Hard Hats 

Rich Nowakowski is a boisterously friendly guy. Even the stroke he suffered in 2012 couldn't slow him down.  Recently he's been spending his days on the porch of his Hartland, Wisconsin home, observing with happy interest and enthusiasm the construction of a new apartment block right across the street. Does all the noise and commotion bother Rich? Nope. On the contrary. He spends the day hollering friendly encouragement and praise to the hard hats across the street. They've grown to like the guy. A lot. So they pooled their resources, walked across the street to Rich's porch, and surprised him

Louisiana's Construction Climate Takes the Trophy

Associated Builders and Contractors have ranked Louisiana number one in the nation for construction-friendliness. Findings are based on job growth in the sector, industry-related educational opportunities in the area, and a number of other factors. The Louisiana legislature's willingness to support Right-to-Work laws and workforce development programs didn't hurt, either. Congrats, Louisiana. We like your food and music, too. Just sayin'.

OSHA Investigating Lethal Sioux Falls Building Collapse

Hultgren Construction LLC was working on the Phillips Avenue Building in Sioux Falls, attempting to structurally conjoin two business spaces. The building collapsed, killing a 24-year old worker. Now federal investigators on the scene are looking into what happened. At issue is the nature of the contractor's permit at the time of the accident, which only allowed for renovation work within one of the spaces, and did not encompass the work to the connecting wall that likely brought on the collapse. 

NYC Drivers Complain of Unattended Work Sites

A Manhattan legislator is sponsoring a law that would ban traffic-slowing devices in unattended construction zones. What? Orange cones, water-filled barrels, traffic-controlling barriers––drivers in Manhattan are used to seeing these appointment-destroying annoyances. Sometimes, though, after creeping for 40 minutes through a controlled line of slowpoke mid-town traffic, a driver will get to the source of the slowdown to find a jobsite with no workers present

Michigan Rocks Roadways with Vivid Collision Barrels

The Michigan Department of Transportation wants to spend $2M over four years to upgrade its orange freeway construction barrels to a brighter shade of orange. The new barrel program would also phase in new reflective sheeting, making the barrels more visible at dawn and dusk, the periods during which most collisions with the barrels occur. 


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