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Daily Drill: H-2B and a Millennial Dream Home


The H-2B Visa: Help or Hindrance?  

The H-2B Visa is at present the only foreign worker visa  U.S. companies can use to bring skilled or unskilled construction labor into the U.S.  With the cap presently set at 66,000 total H-2Bs issued per year, construction companies at times find themselves vying for these skilled foreign workers. Why is that? And is this niche visa a good thing or a bad thing? It depends on who you ask. 

AZ Construction is...Really Heating Up

The desert state has long had two reputations: you can cook breakfast on the sidewalk there, and roads in Phoenix seem eternally under repair or improvement. The state famously has a boom-and-bust construction economy, but indications are the current boom is broad-based and healthy, and likely here to stay for awhile. The uptick, which includes residential, nonresidential, and road construction, is being particularly kind to—yes— the Valley of the Sun.  

Ex-NFL Helps Fellow Gridiron Retirees into Construction

Pro athletes can find themselves at a bit of a loss once they retire from professional sports. Elston Ridgle  (Seahawks, Bills, Bengals, 49ers) turned his pre-football love of structures into a post-football career as a Turner Construction Safety and Heath Manager. Now he wants to help other NFL retirees find their feet in the construction sector he loves.

Millennial's Dream Home Will Have to be Smart

Now that Millennials have succeeded the Baby Boomer generation as the most populous age demographic on Earth, they are of great interest to merchandisers. The real estate industry wanted to know what sort of apartment a Millennial might like to rent, and so they produced a survey. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Millennials want a "Smart" apartment and are willing to pay higher rent for that. Oh, and on balance they'd rather live closer to work than to family. 

Police Officers Honored for Saving Electrocuted Construction Worker

Two quick-thinking police in the small town of Shiloh, IL, happened upon a scene back in October that tested their mettle. They passed that test, and a construction worker is alive today because of it. 


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