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Daily Drill: Ghost Ship Lessons & UK Roofing


Air Force Awards $660M in Construction to 15 Contractors

IDIQ is a government acronym for Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity, and is a type of contract that stipulates a request for an open-ended provision of supplies or services during a fixed timeframe. The U.S. Air Force (USAF) has awarded 15 contractors ~ $600M in sweeping Air Force infrastructure work to take place in the Eastern Region of the U.S. 

Ghost Ship Fire in Oakland Spurs Inspection Soul-Searching

It's shaping up to be one of the most deadly fires in music event history. Though Oakland neighbors had complained about the ramshackle warehouse structure in their midst, it appears complaint-driven inspection visits in 2014 and 2016 did not result in any actions that might have tipped inspectors off to the inherent dangers of the structure. The so-called Ghost Ship underground concert and art gallery went up in flames the night of December 2. In the absence of permit applications or filings, no building inspector had been inside the fire trap for 30 years.  

New Construction Trucks Boast Surprising Advances 

Lighter-weight aluminum cabs, redesigned drive trains, and vibration dampers for more focused drivers are among the many tech improvements being lavished on the construction industry's fleet of trucks, from lightweight to heavy duty. The jobsite ride has a new reputation (and the hopes of an industry) pinned to a range of forward-looking new improvements.  

UK Roofing Contractor Turned in by Concerned Onlooker

A member of the British public was stunned to see a man working on a high hotel roof without any apparent means of fall protection. So the public watchdog took it upon himself to snap a picture of the scary infraction and send it to England's HSE—an occupational health and safety agency. The contractor and its two directors were promptly slapped with large fines. Turns out they were trying to hurry through a job and so decided to deliberately forgo the mandated scaffolding.

Sandy Hook Tragedy Answered by Construction Reboot

The name Sandy Hook is nearly synonymous with unthinkable tragedy, and indeed the original school building was taken apart in the months following the disaster there. The new Sandy Hook elementary school—built on the ruins of the old one—has in its design elements both security features and psychologically calming aesthetics. The two classroom spaces where most of the students and teachers died are now a memorial garden. 


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