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Daily Drill: Drone Salvation and Deepwater Concrete


Native Supporters Stunned as Feds Approve Resumption of Dakota Pipeline

The Federal courts handed Dakota Access a victory when it ruled against an injunction proposed by a regional band of Native Americans. The pipeline construction will now resume at a time the company itself is choosing not to disclose. Still at issue is the section of pipeline that will cross Federal lands near and underneath Lake Oahe, considered sacred by the Sioux in the area.  Let's have the latest on this Federal test case.

Industry Giant Mortenson Reinvents Solar Panel Installation

The construction giant's use of the Grove Telecrawler Crane means large solar panel arrays are installed with a previously unheard of efficiency.  The solar panel modules are hoisted in one piece, eliminating an assembly step and saving considerable time and resources.  Careful, those things look fragile!

Dangerous Deepwater Dives Anchor Wind Farm

You don't often think of dangerous deep dives when you think of wind energy. Think again. Five divers, two-hundred concrete mats at 12,000 lbs each, and almost zero visibility on an ocean floor—this is not your average jobsite. The underwater construction challenges associated with an offshore wind farm are fairly astounding.  Submerge me, this sounds very cool.

Construction Drones Will Save the Industry Billions

The sheer scale of the construction waste problem means that even small efficiencies can yield huge results. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) says that 25% to 40% of America’s solid waste is construction-related. Recent domestic construction spending puts the figure around $160 billion in waste in the U.S. alone. Drone-provided "volumetric measurements" are one way the industry is using the airborne robots to monitor and more efficiently order and manage materials stockpiles. Fly me to the moon!

Storytelling Construction Worker Calms Overheated Drivers 

Waiting in traffic is an unfortunate byproduct of construction roadwork. In his time, Wayne Greene has seen plenty of drivers get hot under the collar as they are asked to inch through congested highway work sites. These days, as the most agitated drivers approach Greene and his hand-held stop sign, he asks them to close their eyes. Grudgingly, and with some confusion, they obey. So begins story time. I could use a little Happily Ever After.


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