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Daily Drill: Design-Build Salvation and the Rebar War


Feared California I-405 gets New Design-Build Approval

Anyone living in southern California shudders at the mere mention of Interstate 405, whose nerve-shattering traffic jams are legend. Now a $1.2B expansion for the feared route is the first project issued under new legislation that allows California transportation agencies to use the design-build model on highway projects. The collaborative model is expected to lower change orders and overruns on desperately needed highway projects. 

U.S. Trade Commission Approves Rebar-Dumping Investigation

Six U.S. rebar producers cried foul to U.S. Trade Commission investigators, claiming that steel rebar imports from Japan, Taiwan, and Turkey were streaming into the U.S. at below market value; a practice known as "dumping." The commission looked into the complaints and agreed that the matter bears investigating. Rebar imports from the three countries mentioned in the investigation amounted to ~ 20% of all U.S. rebar consumption in 2015. 

Jobsite Trench-Related Deaths have Doubled in the Past Year

A 33 year-old Ohio worker was crushed to death in June when the trench he was working in collapsed. OSHA has finished its investigation of the fatal incident and will be citing the contractor for not properly following OSHA standards. OSHA further reports that lethal trench accidents have doubled over the past year, due mostly to contractors simply ignoring prescribed OSHA procedure. Because a cubic yard of dirt weighs on average around 3,000 lbs., even a "small" trench cave-in is equal to having a car dropped on the vicim.  

Kansas Contractor is a Friend to Rural Health Care

Kansas City contractor McCownGordon has recently expanded its presence to Manhattan. Manhattan, Kansas, that is. The Kansas contractor's involvement in the state's rural health care projects is only adding to a sterling reputation.

L.A. Contractors: Affordable Housing Rules will Suppress Building

Contractors in L.A. are now working under a recent voter-approved initiative that compels builders to include a ratio of affordable housing in their residential projects, and to pay higher wages when doing so. Builders empathize with the intent, but say the financial and contractual burden will only mean fewer homes of ANY kind being built; and this at a time when Los Angeles is facing a housing crunch. Legislated goodness that hobbles the giver will have few takers.


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