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Daily Drill: Demolition, Renovation, Inspection


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World. Demolition. Summit.

One is tempted to portray the 7th Annual World Demolition Summit (held this year in Miami) as every 9 year-old boy's dream. But construction demolition is an actual science with a lot at stake—a controlled, sometimes explosive dismantling of large structures, exactingly contained in a defined footprint. Taking these things down is nearly as complex as putting them up.

Man Sues Unlicensed Contractor Over Brother’s Death

In November 2014, Roberto Tapia-Gonzalez was working in Chicago on an un-permitted job site for an unlicensed roofing contractor. When a brick wall came down unexpectedly that day it fell on him and two colleagues, and Mr. Tapia-Gonzalez died in an area hospital less than an hour later. Now his brother is bringing a three-count negligence lawsuit against the contractor, the bank trust that holds the site, and the job site owner. Legal remedy is sometimes the only recourse.

Programmable Smartphone Grip is Cinematic Gift to Inspectors

Inspectors, your smartphone just got smarter. For about $100 the Grip&Shoot grip will seamlessly attach to your smartphone, turning it immediately into a one-handed point-and-shoot camera . As if that weren't enough, through the magic of BlueTooth, the grip is also the controller, with easy buttons and ergonomic design. All that two-handed smart-phone nonsense just became old school. And the designers have blessed the thing with an open API, meaning "the controls can be ported to anything that would benefit from a hand grip". And...ACTION!

When Demolition isn't the Answer: Renovation Before-and-After

In 1976, the Federal government jumped into the business of restoring old buildings deemed too historically significant to be allowed to collapse. Naturally, their participation comes through the tax code. To date, the Federal Historic Tax Credit (HTC) has seen to the restoration of more than 41,000 buildings in the United States, by providing a 20% income tax credit to private investors willing to spend their own money on the rehabilitation of dangerously dissolving historic buildings. The results have been stunning. Private $ for Public Good. Nice. 

Construction Recruiter Excitedly Focuses on Next Generation

The baby boomers are retiring and their successors are in no hurry to fill their shoes. A "short-staffed" construction industry is already manifesting as delayed projects squabbling over fewer and fewer skilled laborers.  But Shon Smith sees this period of flux in the construction sector as an historic opportunity, and he's determined to see the industry infused with youth and energy. One recruit at a time.  He's just paying it forward.


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