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Daily Drill: Crowdfunded Construction and Warm Blankets



Oregon Company Brings Crowd Funding to Construction

Portland's reputation as an urban outlier continues. Guerrilla Development is a Portland area design and construction company whose buildings feature a trademark sense of whimsy. Risk-averse construction lenders are not known for their love of whimsy, so Guerrilla goes straight to an enthusiastic Portland public for their funding instead, asking interested Portlandians to chip in on the cost of putting up a structure. What do small-time crowdfunders get for their troubles? A piece of an appreciating building.

Contractor Builds Community Through Annual Coats and Blankets Drive

Harris Construction builds things, and this time of year their major project is community.  The Fresno, CA contractor's annual Coats and Blankets drive gets straight to the heart of the matter. As the company president puts it,  “...thousands of families in our community are without heat, blankets or coats this winter. I wanted our employees to enjoy the gift of giving."  Local subcontractors, fellow contractors, and other business associates all pitch in to make the annual drive a success.

NYC Transportation Agency Struggling to Meet New Subway Deadline

Seven years ago, New York City's Metropolitan Transport Authority publicly vowed their Second Avenue subway line would be up and running by the end of 2016. That deadline is 26 days away at this writing, and the MTA is quietly revising its timeline. The moving goalpost may be forgivable considering the project has been a subject of discussion in NYC since the 1930s.

Construction Companies are Running with Virtual Reality

In a few short years, construction as an industry has evolved its reputation—from stubbornly old school to technologically forward-thinking. Nowhere is this more evident than in the sectors' leveraging of Virtual Reality, a once-fringe technology whose destiny for awhile seemed tied to fantasy gaming. Construction giant Mortenson is among the thought leaders in the use of VR as an increasingly standard project phase in construction. 

SoCal Building Resurgence as Laid Back as California Itself

A report by the LA County Economic Development Corp spells it out: the 313,700 construction workers employed in Southern California in 2015 was around 24% fewer workers than were employed in the region at its 2006 peak. On the other hand, the number of construction permits issued have gradually risen every year since 2009, and supply-chain employment and construction worker consumerism have yielded another 340,000 jobs. SoCal construction's mellow resurgence continues.  


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