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Daily Drill: Chinese Safety and Wage Theft


Contractor Ordered to Pay Missing Overtime Wages

Olympia General Construction Corp. was hit with an order to pay $27,611 in restitution and penalties to five workers who were denied overtime pay, and even standard wages, by the construction firm. 

Contractor To Build Prototype Medical Cannabis Center

AmeriCann Inc., of Denver, is building a huge cultivation complex for their medical cannabis product in Massachusetts. The construction project has gone to Campanelli Construction as general contractor. The Massachusetts Medical Cannabis Center (MMCC) in Freetown will total 1 million square feet. Campanelli and Americann hope to use the design as a prototype for other such cultivation complexes the company plans to roll out across the U.S.

Front End Loader Accident Claims Worker

A construction worker in West Palm Beach, Florida, was killed when his front-end loader slid off  the canal bank where he was working. The loader entered the water upside-down, trapping the worker.

The Forge is With You: Resourceful Chinese Workers 

It happens. In China, anyway. Chinese construction workers were in the middle of a major build when they discovered they'd forgotten a crucial structural element. Rather than throw up their hands, halt the project, exactingly design and manufacture the part, and truck it out to the site some weeks later—they did the next best thing. Yes, they superheated a chunk of steel there on site and pounded it into shape with a pneumatic hammer the size of a pile driver. 


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