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Daily Drill: Brooklyn's Rising Seas and Awestruck "Cranez" Kids


photo courtesy Sioux City Journal

Federal Court Lifts Block on Pipeline Construction

The Federal court has denied the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's request for an injunction that would have effectively halted construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline project. The Federal court has not yet, however, upheld the developer's plans to build on the federal land that is at the heart of the conflict. The special easement that would allow developer Dakota Access to work near Lake Oahe is still in limbo. Native American interests in the region claim the disputed land is sacred. Let's look at the land-use issues.

Population Boom and Rising Seas: AECOM's Red Hook Project Hits Pause

Dr. Klaus Jacob, a well-regarded geophysicist, has taken construction giant AECOM to task for  "satisfying short-term needs vs. heeding long-term sustainable resilience". The geophysicist's central concern is that AECOM's massive Brooklyn waterfront reboot seeks to hold rising seas at bay using dikes and sea walls with a "finite height" (i.e. solutions that won't work forever), rather than "inviting" the rising water in and working to mitigate, and even leverage, the effects of future sea level rise.  AECOM counters that the development is the only plan that will actually accommodate the predicted ~ one million new residents due to arrive in the area over the next decade. Brooklyn's waterfront discussion is heating up.

Mortenson Invites Kids to View Wind Farm's Gigantic Machinery

A group of children with the Kids and Cranez program were invited onto Mortenson's O'Brien  Wind Energy Project site to take in the view. The gigantic machines used in these sorts of building projects were within reaching distance of the awestruck kids. The Kids and Cranez program aims to wow visiting students with the mechanical wonders of the construction industry. The star of the show that day was the giant Manitowoc 16,000 crane, with its 300-foot tall boom for lifting the  enormous turbine components into place.  What kid wouldn't be wowed by the scale of these things?

Virtual and Augmented Reality Changing Face of Construction

Virtual and augmented reality, already the much talked-about darlings of AEC, are about to reach new levels of adoption in the industry.  Hardware and software advancements are allowing a nearly seamless integration of virtual and augmented reality programs with Building Information Modeling systems (BIM), as the new virtual tech makes the usability leap from an interesting idea to a must-have.  Give me the actual tour.

Construction's Cable and Accessories Market Predicted to Boom

In another sign of construction's robust growth cycle, the market for the indispensable Cables and Accessories sector is expected to grow from today's $148B to a projected $203B by 2021. The growth in this construction market segment has much to do with the world's so-called emerging economies, and the trend toward urbanization around the globe. Basic cable for 200 Billion?


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