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Daily Drill: Beer Pipeline, Elf Stone, Hard Hats. The Usual.


photo courtesy Mbl.is/ Sigurður Ægisson

Icelandic Construction Workers Unearth Magical Elf Stone

Iceland’s people are as tough as the rugged, cold, and seismically active landscape that raised them. When they want the sacred Elf Stone unburied, that's what they get. Construction crews put on their hard hats and got to it. Take me to the Elvin jobsite.

Belgian Pipeline Will Keep Citizens Well-Oiled

Pipelines are much in the news these days, cutting across state lines, inspiring political protests. Belgium’s popular new pipeline has been greeted with smiles. It conveys a fluid some would consider even more essential to civilization than oil. The pipeline is  so popular the city fathers cut a hole in the medieval cobblestone so the citizens could watch the golden stuff fly by at a reported 1000 gallons an hour. Okay, maybe a sip...

Coveted “World’s Tallest Building” Title Will Go to Saudi’s Jeddah Tower at One Kilometer High

With completion scheduled for 2020, one of the many design challenges of the super-tall structure included an extra-firm core to mitigate wind sway that would otherwise nauseate upper floor tenants. Can you say "rent reduction?" A famed Danish urbanist dismisses the grand effort as more “birdsh*t architecture,” lamenting inhuman designs meant more to monumentalize buildings than to house people. I'm fine down here in the lobby, thanks.

Construction Workers in Spain Stumble Upon Stunning Find

Spanish construction workers doing routine water pipeline maintenance for the city of Tomares struck archaeological gold when they discovered 1300 pounds of apparently mint-condition Roman coins. Spare a little change?

NASA Engineer Politely Explains How to Build a Death Star. Step One is a Challenge.

Now that the Shuttle program has been mothballed, NASA has a little time on its hands. Their Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Chief Engineer has dreamed up a workaround for building a massive Death Star-type station in deep space without all the structural hassle. Check your light saber at the door.


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