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Daily Drill: Barcelona Block Party and Vegas Mall Love


Photo courtesy Alamy

Barcelona Sees "Superblocks" as Pedestrian Wave of the Urban Future

Since the advent of the automobile, cities have become car-centric, and "walking downtown" a quaint relic of the past. Barcelona's "Urban Mobility Plan" is an experiment in pedestrian paradise that wants to give the city streets "back to the people." The scheme wants to chunk the city into 9-square-block sections that are car-free and shoe leather friendly. Let's take a walk.

Twitter Can Get a Jobsite Shut Down, Contractors Warned

Ubiquitous tweeters can express complaints at will, and in this case bicycle riders tweeting unhappily about slowing traffic saw their messages make their way to the department of transportation, who promptly headed out to the jobsite in question and stopped the project cold. Hashtag jobsite hassle.

Houston Takes Dubious Honor as City with Largest Recent Construction Job Loss

Since September 28, Houston has lost 3,700 construction jobs––nearly twice that of the next closest job-drain, Birmingham, Alabama. Analysts attribute some of the job loss to the fact that residential and commercial property values in Houston have dropped precipitously. Here's hoping for better construction times ahead.

Lone Condo Makes Stand in Middle of Large Construction Project

The condo's owner says the developer has no right to force a buyout of the property, and is hoping for a higher offer from the builder.  The construction company claims to have offered the owner a new condo, an offer the condo owner says hasn't happened. Now construction is noisily proceeding around the stand-alone holdout. The condo remains in the dead center of the jobsite. Progress is a coin with two sides.

Sinatra Would Flip: Vegas Strip Mega-Casino Construction Fueled by Shopping Malls

When Vegas developers realized they needed a new funding mechanism to underwrite their planned mega-casinos, they stumbled upon an idea that would've upset the Rat Pack terribly. Gambling, it seems, may have its allure, but shopping is forever. I'll pay in cash.


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