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Daily Drill: Army Stuns Pipeline and NYC's Gigantic Wheel


Army Corps of Engineers Stuns Dakota Pipeline

The Army Corps of Engineers has formally notified Energy Transfer Partners, the Dakota Pipeline project's parent company, that they can't proceed further with the pipeline without entering discussions with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. The company has been waiting since September for a decision from the Army Corps and must defer to them.   

Construction Labor Shortage Boosting Use of Prefab

With skilled labor becoming scarcer and schedules falling behind, homebuilders are doing the only thing they can to keep the orders active - using prefab components for the homes they're building. Prefab is a respectable solution for now.

Chinese Diplomats' Construction Fraud Tied to Bribery Scandal

Two former Chinese diplomats had the responsibility of overseeing the specialized work visas of visiting Chinese nationals. Though the official visas exclusively allowed only work at China's U.N. mission, it appears the workers were hired out to other jobs wholly unrelated to work at the U.N.  

Endless Bridge Project Upsetting Adjacent Neighborhood

When the Panama Canal got refitted in order to accommodate the gigantic new line of oceangoing tankers, the Bayonne Bridge changed its own parameters in hopes of doing business with those supertankers in New Jersey's ports. That construction has gone on for three years, and another three lie ahead.  Bridge neighbors are in despair. 

World's Largest Ferris Wheel Breaks Ground in NYC

The New York Wheel is going to be 630 feet high, will take 38 minutes to ride, and is set to accept its first passengers in early 2018. Total cost of construction will total $500M. The carriages will not be open, but rather closed weatherproof plexiglass capsules that will offer high windless views of New York Harbor and distant Manhattan.


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