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Daily Drill: A Mars Colony Buildout and Rainforest Walls


Elon Musk Has Unveiled His Plan to Construct a Colony on Mars. 

The PayPal gazillionaire is looking at a project whose expense is as mind-boggling as its goal. Possibly the only thing more challenging than dropping 100 one-way colonists on Mars is convincing the world to help fund the endeavor. It's going to take a lot of Tesla sales to get this dream off the ground. Ready for launch.

Intel's Office Building Will Adapt to Individual Workers

Intel Israel's new building is a tech wonder that "learns" the habits of every employee who opts-in to the program. The office will customize the worker's environment, will know what each employee's favorite coffee is (and brew it, of course), recommend hair stylists, and assist in parking. Intel isn't saying what happens when you leave the company, but your hair will almost certainly suffer. A bit more off the sides, please.

Dubai Builds Rainforest in Hotel

Dubai continues to push all kinds of architectural envelopes. Due to open for business in 2018, the Rosemont Hotel and Residences Dubai will have its own indoor rainforest, plus robotic baggage handling, digital water falls and kinetic light structures. Just in case you're able to fall asleep surrounded by all this, the luxury hotel will also be providing a bed.  I'll have the boa constrictor suite, please.

Hamburg's Algae-Covered Building Provides a Glimpse into Our Mossy Future

The prototype has 129 algal "bio-reactors" which not only capture sunlight, but are potentially able to convert that sunlight to power for use in the building. A possible downside is that these prospective miracle buildings may smell like uncleaned aquariums. Dank and swampy can be a good thing.

Bricks Made from Sewage May Be Answer to Affordable Housing

Rather than discharging treated sewage into a local water system, Indian materials engineers have developed a process that makes bricks out of bio-sludge and fly-ash. The technology would reduce the amount of waste being dumped into the environment while simultaneously providing a cheap renewable building material. Families are not lining up to take occupancy.  The old saying about "a brick" has never been more accurate.


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