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Technology: The Third Era of Construction

BIM? BAM! But Start with the Model.

Integration and Automation for the Future

Cross Pollination – Changing Your Mindset for Automation

The 5 Artificial Intelligence-Based Technologies the Industry Can’t Ignore

Largest Construction Companies in Canada

10 Innovative Building Materials that Could Change Construction Forever

What’s Causing Your Projects to Fail?


Cementing a Cure for a Healthier Planet

Concrete is everywhere—and it will outlive people on the planet. But while many people might connote concrete with a stale, ubiquitous material, it turns out that making the common building item involves massive carbon emissions.

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Communication Failures on the Jobsite

When the jobsite feels chaotic and disorganized, you can probably pin the blame on this likely culprit––miscommunication. Failure to communicate can ultimately lead to serious jobsite accidents, project rework, and employee problems. Effective communication is critical for collaborative work.

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Staying Healthy and Safe on the Jobsite

Although there are things about construction jobsites that pose risks that are similar to those of any other type of work environment, there are also aspects that are unique to construction. Some of the unique and potentially harmful areas on jobsites are exposure to inclement weather, exposure to dangerous substances, susceptibility to illnesses, and muscle and bone injury. 

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Canada’s Biggest and Best Construction Achievements

Canadians are known to be a little shy when it comes to boasting about their construction achievements. With an almost dismissive air, Canadian construction professionals play down their feats. Here are some of the biggest, best, and wackiest construction projects from across our great nation.

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If you want to minimize the money you could potentially lose on your construction project, these are three areas you should be focusing on.



Generations. Diversity. Strength.

The jobsite’s mix of age-related perspectives and differing goals can seem a liability, but actually contains the elements of a new strength. Your varied crew is the raw ore. Find through insight and empathy the base metal that joins them.

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