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Is it Time To Scale Your Construction Business?

Investing in Construction Technology: What You Need to Know

Moving Living Spaces are Changing How We Build

The Rising Tide of Software Integration

Working on Live Construction Sites And What It Can Teach You

5 Construction Tech Trends Making an Impact in 2020

How Smart Systems are Shaping the Future of Building Design

Top 7 Homebuilding Trends Every General Contractor Should Know About


A Guide for Making Winter Your Best Construction Season

Wintertime doesn’t have to mean a big slowdown in work. No matter where you build, you can always find opportunities in wintertime building that can do more than just keep you afloat until next spring. One way to do that is to stay true to your craft; resist the temptation to join the ranks of all the others who decided to try making a living plowing snow or driving tow trucks. Here are some ideas.

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What Technology Providers Need to Understand about Construction

Construction is necessarily a cautious and conservative industry. It designs, delivers, and maintains facilities upon which lives often depend. So, the logic suggests, its businesses and people must take a responsible and pragmatic approach to the risks involved (though there are some commentators who say it is damagingly over-conservative).

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Staff Up By Retraining Existing Workforce

Many companies are increasing pay rates, improving benefits and using professional search firms to fill out their ranks. Others are getting more aggressive by training their way out of shortages. For some companies, that means having to take on their own training.  If you decide to use training to alleviate some of your labor shortages, consider these strategies.

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Get on the Fast Track to Better Quality Control

You have a lot of influence over design decisions that affect quality when you work on a design-build or other collaborative delivery project. Suggesting proven materials reduces quality concerns considerably. You might also influence quality by suggesting methods that join materials reliably over the long term, and equipment that performs reliably under stress.

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If you want to minimize the money you could potentially lose on your construction project, these are three areas you should be focusing on.



Generations. Diversity. Strength.

The jobsite’s mix of age-related perspectives and differing goals can seem a liability, but actually contains the elements of a new strength. Your varied crew is the raw ore. Find through insight and empathy the base metal that joins them.

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