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Built Sent Back to Drawing Board Over Cladding


The lead contractor on Uniting Community’s $100 million mixed-use tower project in Adelaide, Built, has had to revise the tower’s design to ensure combustible aluminium cladding is avoided.

The 20 storey U City tower in Adelaide’s CBD is targeting completion in 2019.

Uniting Community CEO Simon Schrapel said around five percent of the building’s facade design has been altered.

While there are varieties of aluminium composite cladding that are non-combustible and compliant for use on the facades of high rises under the National Construction Code, Uniting Community is taking a precautionary approach.

"With the memory of London's Grenfell Tower disaster still fresh we have gone back to the drawing board,” Mr Schrapel said.

"The debate is still raging about the stringency of the Australian testing of such panels."

Mr Schrapel said the decision was about ensuring that future residents and visitors had as much confidence as possible in the building.

Those visitors and residents will include a substantial proportion of vulnerable people, with the development including a specialist disability short stay accommodation facility, six floors of retirement living and long-term rental accommodation for people living with a disability.

It will also incorporate retail and office spaces, a 400 seat function centre, ground floor café and retail centre and a base for a wide range of Uniting Communities’ services.

Instead of ACP cladding the designers have opted for fabricated aluminium sheeting which is completely non-combustible but costs more.

The South Australian government is currently undertaking an audit of a number of buildings in the CBD to check their cladding and risk of fire, in response to London's Grenfell Tower disaster that killed at least 80 people in June.


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