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Big Things are Happening for the Little Guys and the Big Guys. Check Out What’s New in Construction This Week:

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Developers Not United on Cost of Using Union Labor

Philosophy majors were recently given pause by reported earnings of unionized crane operators – and other news from the front lines of the Union vs Non-Union Debate. Read more.

Gov. Christie to NJ Builders: Eat It.

Gov. Christie teaches taxation 101 to a stunned NJ Senate as builders brace for the bill. Read more

Empathy on Trial as Complainant Sues Turner for Suicide Upset

A lawsuit against Turner Construction revisits the age-old question: why are the despondent so inconsiderate? Read more

Construction Sector Embraces Tech as Tattoo Parlors Ponder Future

These aren't the droids you're looking for. The once-feared Robot Army has been conscripted to build townhouses. Read more

Seattle Tunnelers Work Under Considerable Pressure. Literally.

Decompression after work means more than slippers and a cocktail for these subterranean construction workers in Seattle. Read more

Google and Linkedin Join Forces in Unprecedented Property Swap

The search engine giant and  employment giant find common cause in giant property swap. Read more

Foul-Smelling Air to be Replaced by Starbucks Express in Union Station Upgrade

If you'd survived Prohibition and World War II you would need a face lift, too. Chicago's Union Station comes under the knife. Read more

Toronto-based Brookfield Asset Management Misses Target, Raises $14 billion in 9 Months. 

The Canadian infrastructure megafund, now the largest in the world with holdings of $240 billion, only meant to raise $10 billion. Woops. Read more

2 Construction Crew Workers in Virginia Killed by Truck

Driver was unaware co-workers were in vicinity. Read more

Structural Engineers Everywhere Take Collective Aspirin as Dubai Embraces Architectural 3D Printing

Dubai, whose pioneering designs include hotels shaped like a giant potato chip, a twirling pencil, and a bonfire, is finally ready to stretch its wings. Read more


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