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Bids are in for Minnesota’s Most Expensive Public Works Project


Minnesota’s expensive rail project is moving forward (and the MET Council’s Transportation Committee is breathing a sigh of relief).

According to the StarTribune, the Southwest light-rail line has received four bids ranging from $797 million to $1.08 billion. The next step is for the four groups to go through a comprehensive bid review process with the MET Council.

So who made the bids?

  • Ames Kraemer SWLRT Joint Venture at $797 million
  • Lunda/C.S. McCrossan, $808 million
  • Southwest Rail Constructors, $1.07 billion
  • Southwest Transit Constructors, $1.08 billion.


The complex build has a few obstacles to hurdle:

  1. This project involves 15 passenger stations, 29 bridges, modifications to existing bridges, construction of 8 tunnels, 117 retaining walls, and of course miles of track (14.5 mile line connecting Minneapolis and Eden Prairie).
  2. Labor shortage. We’re all very aware of a shortage of skilled workers and this could potentially put this project behind.
  3. Environmental concerns. A federal lawsuit ruling on a case brought by a Minneapolis nonprofit group will be ruled on in the fall.

 Construction is expected to begin early 2018, with service to start in 2021.


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