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Appeals Court Backs Nuke Plant Water Supply from Green River


A battle over water is brewing in Utah, and it’s all to do with the cooling of a proposed nuclear plant there. Blue Castle Holdings, project developer of the proposed nuclear power plant, has secured legal rights to draw 53,600 acre-feet of water from the Green River for the cooling of the plant, whose construction is set to begin in 2020. The conservation group HEAL Utah, opponents of the decision, has vowed to fight on. The water drawn from the Green River would be used for cooling and steam production. The developer projects that plant construction would need about 2,500 workers over a period of about seven years, and that the completed power plant would ultimately employ about 1,000 permanent workers. The 2,200-megawatt plant would reportedly increase Utah electricity generation by about 30 percent, according to the developer. Read more...


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