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Agrihoods, Robot Builders, and a Gigantic Radio Telescope on This Week's Grind


Canadian Construction Workers Give Mobility Back to Shut-in

Sergio Lienlaf's illness prevented him from exiting his own home until a construction samaritan poured his expertise into remaking the man's house––and daily life. Read more. 

China's Gigantic Radio Telescope Will Search Universe for Life

The incredibly sensitive telescope dish is nearly a third of a mile in diameter and can detect traces of hydrogen in distant space. Any aliens living secret lives in our cities are likely amused at the effort. Read more. 

Construction Expected to Invest Heavily in Drones

The sudden popularity and million-and-one business uses of drone technology point to an industry dominated by gadget-loving men. Possibly. Read more. 

Robot Army Predicted to Steal Construction Jobs

Soon buildings will be assembled by robots, some warn. Human Resistance saboteurs prepare for coming global conflict by tying robot workboot laces together. Read more. 

Construction Gateway Academy Recruiting Youth to Fill Predicted Jobs Gap

The future of construction depends on the willingness of young people to choose construction as a career. The promise of robots and drones is proving to be a plus. Read more.

Hiring Decline Across 25 States Concerns Construction Analysts

The construction sector is almost grateful for work slowdown as skilled worker shortage continues. Read more. 

Green Agrihood will Cost $1B in Green to Realize

Orlando's much-contested "agrihood" promises 2,100 homes, a 20-acre park, and an enormous community garden––all wrapped in an agricultural theme. Read more. 

National Association of Realtors Warn of Single Family Housing Shortage

Young adults as a group are having the most difficulty finding affordable housing. More affordable than mom and dad's place, that is. Read more. 

Skanksa's L.A. Light Rail Line Receives Envision Certification

The Envision certification confers Green credentials on infrastructure projects. Read more. 

Most Prominent Residential Tower on the West Coast Tilting and Sinking

Recent inquiries are focusing on foundational piles that don't reach bedrock, and a terse letter by Millenium's Chief Engineer. Read more. 


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