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“It all started at Procore’s customer conference a couple of years ago…” says Community manager Jenn Chen. “We just kept hearing again and again from our clients about the need for a place online to ask and answer questions, or simply talk to each other.”

With the launch of Procore’s new networking platform, Community, taking effect next month, Jobsite has the rare opportunity to cover the event in-depth and in-house.

Across the industry, many have said that they see a need for a platform like Community. Why? Because in the past, construction professionals never really had the resources dedicated to this matter. It’s a useful tool no matter whether you’re an experienced project manager wanting to share their knowledge with people who actually want to learn something or a newcomer eager to get the insider’s know-how, Community will finally fill a void that’s been there for some time.

So, what exactly will Community look like? “It’s an online resource for anybody in the industry, and not necessarily just Procore users,” says Chen. “It’s a place where they can come online, post questions, answer questions, share best practices, and even direct message one another to network.”

Let’s say you’ve met someone at a conference or construction event. Community is a place where not only are you able to ask and answer questions through an open format, you’re actually able to find and connect with that particular person you’ve been looking for. Community will be a place where you can send direct messages to other users just like you can on Linkedin or any other social platform. The key difference being, though, that it’s just construction.

The beauty of Community is that, unlike similar platforms headed by other construction companies, you don’t have to be Procore’s client to join in. Now, anyone in the construction industry, no matter how experienced or not, can become a member. This means that there’ll be a much wider network of professionals accessible to you at your fingertips.

So, when can we expect to see Community in the flesh? Well, the launch of Community will be gradual. While there isn’t a set date in place yet, Community is expected to launch within the next couple months. So, make sure to keep your ears open and get ready to network!

Ready for more Community? Stay tuned over the next month to get all the juicy details, learn more about the platform, and much more! 


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