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5 Ways to Improve Jobsite Tech Adoption


Of the original Fortune 500 Company ranking in 1955, less than 70 of those businesses are around today. One of the top reasons experts say they failed was due to lack of innovation, most notably failing to update technology and change with the times.

Adopting new technology can be difficult for your superintendents, project managers, and/or dedicated quality control staff who are squeezed for time and are not too keen about changing the way they do their jobs. But what if they were offered a powerful software tool that would make their work easier, faster, and smarter? Chances are, if it requires a lot of time, effort, and learning new skills, they’re going to pass on it.

Tech Adoption is the Make or Break Component of Your Software. Here are 5 Ways to Get Your Staff Onboard:

1. Choosing the Right Software Company

Before buying any new software, make sure the company has an excellent customer success program that will engage and empower you and your team for as long as you need them. Most technology adoption fails because of shoddy implementation and a lack of support from the software company. Educate and inform your workers about the benefits of the software and how it will not only improve their quality control processes, but also benefit them personally by allowing them more time and freedom.

2. Identify Technology Advocates

Get some peers to serve as leaders in implementing the new technology. These tech-savvy team members can help get their workers up and running and also serve as advocates for the new technology. When fellow coworkers are using a new technology, and are excited about it, the chances for user buy-in are much higher. Pairing up your senior employees with junior team members who are more tech savvy can also serve as a win-win mentoring opportunity..

3. Adapt Your Training

When it comes to training employees on new software you can’t always take a one-size-fits-all approach. Construction firms employ a host of people who have a wide range of technological skills. It’s important that the users’ abilities are taken into consideration before training takes place. Ask your staff what type of training they would prefer and then adapt it accordingly. The proper training is critical for successful implementation. Make sure you factor in the training and ramp-up time. If your staff are ill-equipped or feel unprepared, chances are they’re not going to use it.

4. Start with the Basics  

We are all creatures of habit and many of us don’t like change, especially when it comes to having to learn a whole new way to do our job. If you want your most resistant team members to begin using your quality management software, you need to start them with the basics. Do not overwhelm them with a slew of tools––keep it simple. Choose the most impactful tools like drawings and daily logs, and then every few weeks introduce another tool.

5. Standardization is Essential

Keeping things consistent is essential for adoption to take hold. To ensure your software’s implementation and success, your business processes need to be standardized throughout your entire operation. When you begin the process of standardization, it’s important to listen to your employees to ensure that what you put in place will work for their needs and capabilities. Standardization is key in not only ensuring its successful implementation, but in getting the most out of your project management software.  

The success of jobsite tech adoption involves many moving parts, but with the right processes in place, your firm will reap the rewards of a powerful software system.

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