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Giving Back One Brick at a Time

5 Construction Tech Trends Making an Impact in 2020

How to Solve the Most Common Customer Challenges

Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Low, Moderate, and High Priced Gifts

How to Make the Most of the Holiday Season Downtime

How Well is the Construction Industry Leveraging its Data?

Managing Specialty Contractor Crews for Optimal Performance

7 Construction Business Tactics Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Know


The AEC industry relies on drawings for everything, from the external site plan and interior layout to the punch list and RFIs… 



Generations. Diversity. Strength.

The jobsite’s mix of age-related perspectives and differing goals can seem a liability, but actually contains the elements of a new strength. Your varied crew is the raw ore. Find through insight and empathy the base metal that joins them.

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What’s Causing Your Projects to Fail?

Regardless of who is at fault for creating delays in construction projects, they are still delays. Missed deadlines mean late completion and budget overruns. Learn what’s causing them and how to prevent delays from happening in the first place.

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Design Risks Every Contractor Should Watch Out For

New project delivery methods are reshaping the role of the contractor. Throughout most of the 20th Century, design-bid-build was the standard way of running projects. This model relied on architects working with the owner under separate contract for the design phase. From there, the project was put out for bid to contractors to do the building.

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Stop Signing Away Your Subcontractor Profits

Few people enjoy reading contracts. Their never-ending sentences cause your eyes to glaze over and your mind to go numb. But, by not taking the time to carefully review and understand these documents, subcontractors are taking on more risk than they can handle. And in the process, they’re giving away profits to pay legal fees.

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