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Lessons You Didn’t Learn About Reliance During the Last Recession

Top 4 Job Health Hazards and How to Prevent Them

Can Mega 3-D Printer Be the Solution to Affordable Housing?

What a Difference a Day Makes: Anthony Fasano and a Series of Fortunate Events

How to Grow Blockchain Adoption in Construction Companies

Can Microlearning Be the Answer for Recruiting Millennials in Construction?

The Next Frontier: Robots Working in Squads

Procore Community: Connecting the People Who Build the World


The AEC industry relies on drawings for everything, from the external site plan and interior layout to the punch list and RFIs… 



Generations. Diversity. Strength.

The jobsite’s mix of age-related perspectives and differing goals can seem a liability, but actually contains the elements of a new strength. Your varied crew is the raw ore. Find through insight and empathy the base metal that joins them.

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Key Strategies for Dealing with the Subcontractor Shortage

Construction’s labor shortage continues spreading across the subcontractor landscape. The Institute for Supply Management addressed the shortage of subcontractors for the sixth consecutive month in its June 2018 Non-Manufacturing Report on Business. Here are tactics that will help you keep the subs you have, and to attract the ones you need.

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Is it Time To Scale Your Construction Business?

Scalability is a process that allows you to create value, deliver value and capture value. It’s all about profitable growth. Fortunately, researchers writing in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan Management Review have studied scalability and can now suggest templates you can use to make your business model scalable.

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What’s Causing Your Projects to Fail?

Regardless of who is at fault for creating delays in construction projects, they are still delays. Missed deadlines mean late completion and budget overruns. Learn what’s causing them and how to prevent delays from happening in the first place.

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